The Sponsor
I invite your company to tap the sales and marketing power of professional motorsports by becoming the primary sponsor of The California Deuce race team. Your primary benefits will include:
  • Brand building through nationally recognized professional motorsport organizations, which include NHRA, ADRL, IHRA, Super Chevy Show and many more.
  • Use of volunteers from our race team, to help promote products and services.
  • Promotional sales rights utilizing the race team and driver.
  • Sampling and display allowing your sales force to interact with race fans.
  • Guaranteed visibility including your logo ID on the race car, driver and crew uniforms, race car hauler, pit area banner, team tent, mentions and photos in various racing publications. 
  • POS promotions, access to database, website promotions.
What Makes The California Deuce a Success?
There are several reasons why The California Deuce is such a successful maketing tool.If you consider
the long history of drag racing and it's roots on the west coast, it becomes clear. Mark Watson's California Deuce is an exciting reminder of the sports history and true heritage. His amazing burnouts, roar of the powerful motor and the sight of his Chevy launching its front wheels towards the sky, offer
a real connection with the past hero's of NHRA and IHRA. Drag racing is a sport that everyone can complete in at some level, no matter what your skill level is.Mark's awesome show wows children and adults, novice and professionals and leaves a long lasting impression. This is great news for sponsors, because building
brand awareness and loyalty is why you should consider becoming a part of The California Deuce.  
Benefits of Sponsorship
Auto Racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in America and sponsorship is the fastest growing marketing tool. Sponsorship has outpaced traditional methods for the past fifteen years and there are several reasons for this:
  • Sponsorship increases BRAND AWARENESS/LOYALTY with motorsports leading the way at 72.6%
  • An increased need for interaction with customers and business to business relationship.
  • Sponsorship is the only measurable marketing tool that customers invite into their lives everyday.
  • Economic slow down means increased marketing opportunity.
  • A less cluttered environment helps your message stand out clearly.
  • Motorsports delivers on average over $100 MILLION dollars in advertising exposure per event and 76% of that is garnered by the race teams.
  • Your customers see you as a winner!
If you need more information about sponsoring The California Deuce race team, please contact me and I can send out a full sponsorship package to you. Thank you for your interest in sponsoring "The California Deuce"! 
Crazy M Racing