The California Deuce
The Deuce is a 1969 Chevy Nova II. It was first built by Richard Schroeder in 1972
and it was called The Bad Bossa Nova. In 1974 Joe Douthit bought the Nova from
Richard, painted it candy apple red and called it "The Smoky Red". In 1992 I 
bought the Nova and is now called "The California Deuce". The Nova is equipped
with a 510 cu. in. big block Chevy, making over 1400 hp on alcohol. The
transmission is a turbo 400 3 speed with a 3200 stall converter. The rear end
is a Chevy 1 ton truck rear end with two break systems, one for stopping and one
for steering.
The Driver
Mark Watson, born in San Diego, Ca. in 1956. During his high school years, Mark
attended automotive study classes which fostered the love for cars that had been
burning in him since he was a child. In the mid 1970's Mark built a Pro-Comp car
and during his three years competing in the class, won two championships. Then,
in 1978 Mark built a Top-Fuel Funny Car, without sponsorship, funds were not
available to allow Mark to operate the car to its full potential. In 1993 Mark
bought The California Deuce Wheelstander. 
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